i2OCR is online solution, which allows for free OCR (OCR).


Through it can be extracted from the text images, so that subsequently allows editing, formatting, indexing, Search or transfer. Supported over 60 language, including Bulgarian, and working with text in more than one column, but in this case the text does not retain its original format.

i2OCR It can work with the most popular raster formats - JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, PBM, И PGM PPM. The extracted text can be saved as TXT, DOC или PDF формат. Distances one click of the mouse are the options for editing in Google Docs or translated with Google translate.

The decision is completely free and there are absolutely no restrictions on the number of uploads to read documents. No need to register or provide any data from users. The creators of the app say, they do not share files with third parties and store them for the shortest period of their servers.

wrote the text: Anton Daskalov
Source: www.i2ocr.com

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