plastic bags orangeEnvironmental organizations offered to impose a total ban on the use of plastic bags to 2025 g.

Their proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Water. Environmentalists want tougher measures to reduce plastic bags, higher product fee and tax on all manufactured plastic bags, regardless of their size and design.

According to them, this ordinance has too many exceptions. Environmentalists propose the introduction of a higher fee to complete elimination of bags.

According to environmentalists since the introduction of the eco fee in 2011 г., the use of plastic bags has increased by 30%. The existing financial gain is not effectively, since it does not include bags with thickness 0,03 mm, and they are most common.

“Widespread bags do not fall into this tax and this is the problem, because consumption does not fall”, Eugenia told BGNES Tasheva by association "For the Earth”.

Some of the bags are completely free and have them anywhere – large chains and small shops. Zarichinova considered, there are many people, already consider whether to use bags and a reduction, but need more stringent measures and responsible institutions, to clear nature.

The motives of environmentalists relate to the fact, that bags are a major polluter of the environment, especially water bodies.

"When a plastic bag falls into a basin, anywhere in Bulgaria, Finally she reached the sea. We see it in clean rivers, beaches, and in the mountains. Anywhere overflows with plastic bags”, said Danny Zarichinova of Ecotourism Association "For the Earth”.

Waste plastic bags are dangerous for the health of animals and humans, reported environmentalists.

"The biggest damage to plastic bags is, that break down into smaller plastic and thus become food for birds and small animals, them confused with their food. So there are many dead birds and animals. On the Food Chain returns and the man at one point. Plastic generally has a negative impact on human, not only bags, but the cup, cans. This is reflected accumulates in the body”, explained Zaprichinova.

Environmentalists gave the example of countries such as France and Ireland, which seriously limited the use of bags.

"For the moment demand for stronger restrictions. We, that a ban should be introduced gradually”, He stressed Zarichinova.

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