Toshiba launches machine, allowing printing and deleting

Вместо да рециклират хартията, която се използва за отпечатване на временни документи, потребителите и организациите вече могат да изтрият съдържанието и да използват повторно бланката. Всичко това е възможно само с натискането на един бутон на представената от Toshiba e-STUDIO™4508LP, поради използването на нов модел син тонер (в допълнение към черния), позволяващ изтриване на цялото

Holograms are taking over advertising

The “Hypervsn” is a mechanism of spinning LED lights that create the illusion of a 3-D image. Read more: FACEBOOK:

Kodak marked progress in the packaging

Kodak атакува пазара на опаковки със съществуващата си високоскоростна инкджет технология. Компанията обяви и че следващото поколение Ultrastream е в процес на разработка. Американският производител на опаковки Zumbiel Packaging започна инсталация на първата печатна машина Prosper 6000S за картонени опаковки. Тя се намира в Кентъки, в хибридна конфигурация заедно със седем флексо секции и инлайн

Two EDP awards swissQprint

Monday, 12 June 2017 ( read 40 times) Each year 20 Europe's leading specialist magazines feature the best technological advances in printing industry. Candidates include products such as software, Digital printing machines, Printing Solutions and Consumables. The jury evaluates them based on criteria such as ease of use and cost effectiveness. from above 150 кандидата тази година са

How to make ‘cloud eggs’ — Instagram’s newest obsession

Instagram has changed the way we think about food. Food trends like Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino have people lining up to get the newest, prettiest food products, just for that photo opportunity. If you’re looking for your next Instagram food post, look no further than the newest trend, “cloud eggs.” Here’s how to make them. Read

These self-driving tractors could make farming easier and greener

CNH’s Case IH concept autonomous tractors could manage farms automatically and make farming greener. It’s a driverless tractor concept where a farmer could remotely run several machines at once. Read more: FACEBOOK:

The JogAlong makes jogging with a stroller very easy

Strollers are great fun for kids, but not as much for the parents that need to push them. To solve this, the JogAlong stroller has been designed to help parents be more active while pushing their children. It has an innovative design that makes it possible to turn walking with your baby into a full

This is how Apple repairs broken iPhone screens

Broken iPhone screens have always been a nightmare for their owners. Now Apple has finally shown off the process by which they repair the phones. The process involves a special device called Horizon Machine, which Apple is finally making available to third party service centers. Read more: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR:…

GED it – Program Panel Discussion

Friday, 9 June 2017 ( read 60 times) Our special guest opinions about the GED it! 2017 already known. These are some of the most interesting owners and heads of departments in the industry of which we can understand more about their vision for doing successful business. GED it – free one-day event, организирано от

Fujifilm released the new magazine for printing industry

Tuesday, 6 June 2017 ( read 187 times) Северно американското подразделение за графични системи на Fujifilm обяви старта на ново списание за печатната индустрия. То носи наименованието „Print Illustrated”, ще излиза веднъж на тримесечие и ще съдържа успешни бизнес истории, иновации, и подходящи статии за всички видове доставчици на печатни услуги. Чрез новото издание се